The conference organizers welcome all distribution network specialists and experts from the related fields to take part in this major power industry event of 2024 in Russia.

Topics of reports intended for discussion during the conference are approved. The full list of five topics is provided further.

  1. Concept issues of distribution networks
  • Methodological base and required changes in the reference documentation
  • Assessment of power supply reliability figures (Conference-2023 dialogue continued)
  • Structures, models and tools for distribution network reliability assessment
  • Prioritizing of investments to obtain the required power supply reliability
  • Criteria of applying small generation installations, energy storage systems, solar and wind power plants, etc.
  1. MRO arrangement in distribution networks
  • Diagnosis and assessment of the technical condition of electrical equipment
  • Repair planning by the technical condition in distribution networks
  • Technologies and equipment for obtaining real-time data from different diagnostic methods
  • Application of different types of robotics for diagnosis and technical maintenance of electrical network facilities
  • Procedures of evaluating and forecasting the technical condition of distribution network facilities for planning repairs
  1. State-of-the-art technologies and materials used in construction, reconstruction and MRO in distribution networks
  • Equipment for cable and overhead transmission lines
  • Substation equipment, etc. (with no regard to automation and relay protection)
  1. Automation of networks and production processes
  • Online control automation for distribution networks up to 35 kV
  • HW/SW sets for technical condition monitoring in distribution network operation
  • Application of mobile solutions in distribution network operation, the need for introducing amendments to technical regulations
  • Practical experience of using smart meters
  • Relay protection and automation diagrams in distribution networks up to 35 kV
  • Digital relay protection and automation devices, methods of their technical maintenance and adjustment
  • Modern methodological base of relay protection and automation parameter calculations in an automated distribution network
  • Application and prospects of using fault recorders at substations
  1. Labor protection and IIF
  • Analysis of existing gaps and mistakes in the applicable Labor protection code and amendments required
  • Analysis of the efficiency of advanced practices in reducing injuries and improvement of the labor safety
  • Use of AR technologies and VR-simulators for training and qualification improvement of the personnel of grid companies
  • Practical experience of injury prevention and IIF improvement events
  • Risk minimization in working at height

Program publication — until 29.04.2024.